Xbox Game Pass Family Plan Announced! What does it offer?

We’ve known that Microsoft has been working on a shared subscription for its Game Pass gaming service for some time. Tests conducted in Colombia and Ireland were finally confirmed. Xbox Game Pass Friends and Family The new plan, called (Game Pass Friends and Family), allows up to five people to use one account.

Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family price and features

Thanks to Microsoft’s new Family & Friends plan Game Pass Ultimate The subscription will be usable by four more people other than the account holder. Game Pass with Ultimate subscription; It will be playable on console, PC or cloud. Also everyone EA Game ve Xbox Live Gold a catalog will also be available.

Officially available in Ireland, the new plan is available to Game Pass Ultimate subscribers. €21.99 per month Allows them to share their accounts with If the current Game Pass Ultimate subscription price is €12.99 per month Let me point out.

Xbox Game Pass Shared Subscription Coming!

Xbox Game Pass Shared Subscription Coming!

What is Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family? A shared subscription to the Xbox family and friends game service has expired.

Although the new subscription tier allows users to enjoy the benefits of Game Pass Ultimate from a single account, it has some limitations. Microsoft said accounts in the shared profile must live in the same country.

The Game Pass Friends & Family plan is also limited in time. In other words, you can access all Ultimate features with 18-day, 12-day, or 6-day limits.

  • Game Pass Ultimate = 18 days Friends and Family
  • Game Pass (console) = 12 days of Friends & Family
  • PC Game Pass = 12 rounds Friends and Family
  • Xbox Live Gold = 12 units Friends & Family
  • EA Play = 6 Friends & Family games

In Turkey, Game Pass is available for 29.99 TL and Ultimate for 44.99 TL. This price is valid for both console and PC users. Game Pass Friends and Family price A fee of less than 150 TL is likely to apply.

So what do you think about this? Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

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