Wordle becomes a board game!

A daily word game where you have six chances to guess a five-letter word Wordlemanaged to reach a large audience. New York Times The game, which grew even more with its acquisition by the company, will now come with a board game version.

Wordle is moving to tables

Hasbro is a board game adaptation of the popular mobile word game. Wordle: The Party Game announced its collaboration with The New York Times. With Wordle: The Party Game designed to be played with multiple players or teams popular game now it can be part of fun conversations.

The Turkish Wordle Scorecard has been announced!

The Turkish Wordle Scorecard has been announced!

The first Wordle Turkish report card provided by Bundle has been published. Which provinces of Turkey are successful?

Wordle: The Party GameEach round of will begin with a player identifying the hidden word. To other players, as in the online version guess six times the right will be given. Players who make fewer attempts to guess the hidden word will receive fewer penalty points. If at the end of the game has the fewest penalty points The player who has it will win the game.


game three wordle boardwill be played with hidden word board and word maker eraser. It will also be placed on the letters like in the mobile game green and yellow tips will also be included. So players will have an experience just like in the digital environment. The game; classic, timed, fast and team in four different modes can be played.

New board game in USA $19.99 goes on sale. Wordle: The Party GameAvailable for pre-order starting today at Amazon, Target, and Hasbro. On the first anniversary of Wordle: The Party Game, the release of the original mobile game. in October expected to hit stores.

Wordle, new board game It can be a good alternative for a fun environment along with So what do you think of Wordle: The Party Game? You can share your opinion with us in the comment section.

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