Why aren’t some Xbox features coming to PCs?

Microsoft, Windows 11He describes ‘i as the best operating system for gamers. Because Windows 11 also has some features to support this claim. On Xbox consoles found automatic HDR ve DirectStorage Work continues to bring such features to the Windows ecosystem. However A quick recap No work yet from Microsoft on the feature.

A quick summary is not as simple as it seems

A quick recapsimultaneously on Xbox three game sometimes even more, it stands out as a feature that allows you to stop and switch between them. This kind of feature too can be easily adapted You might think so, but the situation is a bit more complicated than that.

From PlayStation to Xbox!  Giant bought the studio

From PlayStation to Xbox! Giant bought the studio

PlayStation paid $3.6 billion for Bungie. Bungie, which developed the Destiny and Halo series, is now part of PS Studios.

Xbox Series X/S Jason Ronald, who leads hardware development A quick recap states that it is not that simple. Stating that they worked for about two and a half years to develop this feature, Ronald said, A quick recapHe stressed that it “doesn’t stop a process just so you can access it later.

Quick resume on Xbox

ronald, Xbox Series X/SIt states that it includes three operating systems at the same time. Accordingly, the system User interface and menu highest for the game itself, medium for the game itself, and for direct hardware access lowest unit uses.

About the quick resume feature medium and low speed operating systems we work together. Saying that you can think of them as virtual machines, Ronald said: mid-range operating system When you put the game in standby mode, the game directly through the lowest level operating system on SSD goes into hibernation mode.

This system is much more complex than stopping a process. Xbox Series XAfter turning it off, updating or leaving it for weeks A quick recap There is such a mechanism behind returning to games.

To use the Quick Resume feature on a computer, virtual machine pass it make the final version a save to hard disk needs. And while all this is done making sure everything is ok This makes things a bit more complicated.

Here is your feature Why isn’t it available on PCs? here he lies. The biggest obstacle to Quick Resume on PCs is the wide range of hardware available. Ronald in computers to the variety of software He also emphasizes that this situation creates many problems. Ronald uses the following statements on the topic:

Computers have a more complex software environment. Many PC gamers customize their hardware, special drivers specific to different graphics cards and different mods on top of that. The computer is certainly much more complex.

Xbox just for play development and because it doesn’t offer customization MicrosoftIt seems like a much more suitable environment for . to offer such features. So what do you think about this? You can share your opinion with us in the comment section.

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