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What will the features and price of the Apple Watch Pro be?

Apple is among the important companies that lead the sector in the field of wearable technology. With the new features it brings to its smartwatches, it manages to surprise and garner admiration every year. It brought to these devices the latest ability to measure the level of oxygen in the blood. The industry has also progressed along this path. It is now preparing to introduce a second model of a smartwatch with advanced capabilities called the Apple Watch Pro. So what will the features and price be?

What will the features and price of the Apple Watch Pro be?

This year, Apple will introduce a smartwatch called Watch Pro with a new design. This device will be different from the standard Watch 8 model. There are usually 3 exterior design options available in the form of aluminum, stainless steel and titanium. this model will come with a new more durable titanium case.

Apple Watch Pro

Another change on the design side will be the screen size. The Watch 7 is currently the device with the highest screen-to-body ratio among current models on sale. Sold in 2 different sizes 41mm and 45mm. The resolution of the larger one is 396×484 pixels.

Russia tried to take over Apple's servers!

Russia tried to take over Apple’s servers!

There was an interesting server crisis between Russia and Apple. The Russian telecommunications company Apple manages its network through its own servers.

The new Apple Watch Pro is said to be larger. There are even strong claims by analysts that the screen resolution will be 410×502 pixels, that is, it will grow by 7 percent. In this case, a new size will come in the form of 46 mm or 47 mm.

Of course, there are some changes and improvements other than the obvious. For example, we expect battery life to last several times longer than the Watch 7, even with heavy use. Even Apple Watches are getting a low power mode with watchOS 9. This means that the new Pro model can last several days on a single charge.

Apple Watch

There are also significant improvements on the sensor and chip side. With the new heat sensor that will be brought in, a person’s body temperature will be monitored continuously, just like heart rate. That way, when you have a febrile illness or even when you don’t know you’re sick, the smartwatch will detect it and alert you.

However, the proprietary features like blood pressure monitoring and glucose measurement that we see in many leaks will unfortunately not be making an appearance this year. It is believed that these innovations will be included in the Watch Pro 2. Because if all these features are added this year, it will negatively affect the price.

Apple Watch

While talking about the price, there are some leaks that the new Pro model will be around $900-1000, that is 2 times the 8th generation. Given that the data comes from reliable sources like Mark Gurman, it seems likely that it is true.

In this case, we can say that the GPS-only model will go on sale in Turkey at a price of 25 thousand TL, and GPS+Cellular, i.e. the model with e-SIM support, with a price just under 35 thousand TL. Of course, with the exchange rate of the dollar and changes in the economy over the next 2 months, it could be sold above or below this estimated amount.

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