What should you consider when buying a hard disk drive (HDD)?

If you are collecting a computer case, if your existing hardware is defective or if you want to increase the memory of the desktop or laptop you are using, you will come across 2 different storage options like HDD and SSD. In this article, we answer in detail the question of what should be considered when buying an HDD, that is, a hard disk, and what are its advantages over SSD.

What should you consider when buying an HDD (hard disk drive)?

Before answering the question of what should be considered when buying a hard drive for our computer, let’s talk about the differences with SSD. HDDs, which are still among the most popular storage solutions today, are a data storage tool that contains many mechanical parts and disks.

As seen in the pictures, there are metal discs like CDs inside and the system records the information here, writes and reads. We can think of SSDs as large size memory cards that contain no moving parts, support new technologies, are very fast and collect data in cells.

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Since it has no mechanically moving parts and has much lower power consumption, it is physically more durable and has a longer life. In other words, SSDs lead in almost every area in the binary comparison.

But even so, hard drives continue to outpace SSDs in sales today. The biggest reason for this is that it is a technology that has been with us for many years, and its prices are very affordable. For example, a 1TB SSD costs at least 2 or 3 times the same volume HDD.

What to consider when buying a hard drive

Of course, here the price difference can reach up to 10 times depending on the type and speed of the SSD. That’s why many people choose hard drives for price when building an affordable or high-capacity storage system. In fact, a large number of computer users prefer to buy HDD for additional storage to SSD where they can install Windows to speed up the operating system. So, what should be considered when buying an HDD, that is, a hard disk?

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