What is the Retbleed attack affecting AMD Intel processors?

AMD ve Intel a new issue reported to affect CPUs security errormay cause your computer to slow down. The new flaw, observed on both platforms, allows hackers to gain access to kernel memory. New update affecting AMD and Intel users From a Retbleed execution attack How can you be protected?

Retbleed Execution Attack: AMD and Intel users at risk

Discovered by two researchers at ETH Zurich, the new chip flaw has the potential to affect millions of users. Hackers who have been able to penetrate AMD and Intel chips with a runtime attack called Retbleed can even reduce a computer’s performance.

kernel memory access and the Retbleed attack, which can manipulate the chip’s operating speed, unauthorized access to information knows. This means that threat actors not only play with your computer’s performance, but can also see encryption keys, passwords, and chip secret strings.

Intel finally took the expected step!  Change processor names

Intel finally took the expected step! Change processor names

Intel, which recently gained popularity with its mobile and desktop processors, will change its name to the new Xeon series.

The researchers said they have yet to come across a computer attack. But multiple computers cloud systems Companies that share via may be particularly at risk. It was also noted that the processors affected by the vulnerability are in use worldwide.

It is not known which models of Retbleed, which is allegedly used to gain access to memory and steal information on Intel and AMD systems, are currently unknown. However, on AMD’s side, the researchers Zen 1, Zen 1+ and Zen 2’nin Intel also affected Processors to Alder Lake believes he is in danger.

Some time ago Specter ve Meltdown attacks appeared. This plagued the company, putting the data of millions of Intel users at risk. Specter is said to affect Intel and Arm models. of RetbleedGhost v2It should not be forgotten that it is also called “.

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