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What is SpO2? How do smartwatches measure up?

Wearable technology With the development of the market day by day, smart watches have started to appear, improving the user experience and becoming highly qualified, especially in terms of health. As of today, one of the most notable features of these devices, which we often see with the news that they save lives, is one of the most notable features. SpO2 is the measurement. Okay SpO2 what is it and how do smartwatches measure it?

What is SpO2?

SpO2, the blood oxygen level, is the percentage of oxygen carried by red blood cells from the lungs to the rest of the body. Learning how efficiently the blood in the body can perform this vital task can help understand overall health.

What is SpO2?

in the blood of many oxygen the level is in the 95-100 percent range. However, there are also people who go on with their lives normally even though their blood oxygen level is below 95 percent. More measurements taken while sleeping low readings are quite normal and therefore some users may have oxygen values ​​below 95 percent.

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How do smartwatches measure SpO2?

As mentioned above, these days in the premium segment Most of the smartwatches on the market include this feature. So how do these devices measure the level of oxygen (SpO2) in the blood?

smart watches, red ve Reflex oximetry, which reflects infrared (IR) light to the wrist technique uses. This red light enters the oxygen-containing blood tissues and absorbs the light. to the sensor reflects back. The difference between the level of injected light and the level of reflected light is shown as the SpO2 level in the human body.

Of course, the measurements made by these devices their accuracy is also discussed. First of all, we should note that the measurements taken by a medical device such as an oximeter are more is reliable. These devices are often 650 nm and have wavelengths of 950nm red and infrared LEDThey measure with

The wavelengths in smartwatches are not that advanced.

These devices measure through their sensors. blood oxygen level (SpO2) Although the accuracy of health data such as do not treat it as exact dataI We recommend. For precise and more accurate results, it would be healthier to choose medical devices manufactured for such purposes.

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