What is PlayStation Stars and how is it used?

Having launched a new PlayStation Plus subscription in recent months, Sony has now launched a new ‘loyalty’ programme. According to the company statement, PlayStation Stars While playing PlayStation games thanks to digital collections and scores you will win. Here’s what you need to know about PlayStation Stars.

Collect digital collectibles and points with PlayStation Stars

sony, Rewards for PlayStation players announced the launch of a new distribution program The new PlayStation Stars, which promotes campaigns and events prepared for the games, will offer some benefits to players. You can register for free Thanks to the program, you can win special prizes just by playing games.

It is not yet clear what prizes Sony will give out. But in the blog post, It can be transferred to the PlayStation Store wallet or points that can be spent on games declared won. It’s unclear if the game or just DLC or character packs will be awarded through these points.

Game Pass is sorry!  Here are the PlayStation Plus games July 2022

Game Pass is sorry! Here are the PlayStation Plus games July 2022

Sony has announced that 17 games will be available to Extra and Premium subscribers from July 19. PlayStation Plus games from July 2022

According to Sony’s statement, users will be able to earn special rewards by completing a series of campaigns and events, including monthly events. Furthermore “digital collectionsA new reward called ” will be given out to players within the Stars range.

Players who sign up for PlayStation Stars will have multiple options to win exclusive rewards. According to the statement, achievements in games that “break records played according to your local time” will be specially rewarded. It is believed that these games will be Sony’s own productions (God of War Ragnarok, Horizon Forbidden West, etc.).

It should be noted that PlayStation Stars does not require prior subscription, so If you are not a PS Plus subscriber You can also register for free.

The launch date for the PlayStation Stars loyalty program has not yet been announced. Sony is expected to make it available in the region later this year. When will PlayStation Stars launch in Turkey? it is unclear for now.

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