What is malware targeting Android?

Hackers continue to target smartphone users through apps. A recent analysis by Microsoft researchers, paid subscription services Deciphers the danger of using taxi malware

Warning against Microsoft subscription scams

Targeting Android users Fraud malwareI was discovered by Microsoft. The new software tries to gain access to users’ wallets by secretly subscribing to paid versions of apps.

To deceive consumers for invoice fraud The family of paid cheats has become one of the most popular methods to steal Android. According to the Microsoft hackers statement, YouTube, Spotify and Netflix It targets Android devices using subscriptions from services like

Google alert!  If you've logged into one of these sites, you've been hacked.

Google alert! If you’ve logged into one of these sites, you’ve been hacked.

Google blocks sites that try to hack. The software giant has foiled the rental plans of nearly 50 hacker groups.

The report, prepared by Microsoft, states that certain customers of the mobile carrier have been targeted. Users who are subscribed to a service that has been hacked so far may become a victim of a hacking attempt if they are also customers of that carrier.

All a user who meets these conditions needs to do is an application that contains malware Download. Malware that comes with the paid cheat app can sign up for premium subscriptions without the device owner knowing. Even on the phone confirmation message he can even read.

That being said, Android smartphone owners should beware of malware, especially from Microsoft side loading highlighted the danger of (sideloading or installing APK). He also said that attention should be paid to the accessibility permissions of subscription-based apps such as Netflix or Spotify.

Earlier, Apple CEO Tim Cook said he was deeply concerned about side charging. The CEO said the dangers of sideloading apps are endless. According to Cook, sideloading users undermines privacy efforts. This feature increases the chances of exposing users to potential hazards.

What do you think about scam malware? What are you doing about Android privacy? Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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