We’ll wait until December for the Nvidia RTX 4000 series!

RTX 3000 series Nvidia, which has a shortage of excess stock of graphics cards, is also facing problems with the new generation of graphics cards. It was previously said to be unveiled in July. Nvidia RTX 4000 The launch of the graphics card series may be delayed due to sales issues.

We’ll wait until December for the Nvidia RTX 4000 series graphics cards

The next generation of Nvidia Lovelace graphics cards It was claimed that it could be delayed until December 2022. That’s why Nvidia, which is currently experiencing various problems with the sales of the RTX 3000 series, RTX 4000 graphics cards is expected to delay its introduction.

New report on RTX 4090: It will be stronger than expected

New report on RTX 4090: It will be stronger than expected

The RTX 4090, which is expected by the entire tech world, especially gamers, may appear stronger than expected.

With recent difficulties producer costs has increased significantly. Sellers also sell the remaining video cards in their hands. profit share aims to dispose of it while keeping it as low as possible. Companies like this next generation devices can make room for them.

Then Nvidia puts considerable pressure on him. RTX 3000 models the release of next-generation graphics cards without finding buyers above a certain price for Nvidia on marketing in the next period big problems can give birth. Given this situation, it is said that the company will wait for the introduction of a new generation of graphics cards.

As such, the RTX 3000’s overstocking of products It looks like it’s going to melt. Some experts RTX 4000’ler While showing the best weather for October as the month of October, for a new generation graphics card December There are no less people who say that we should wait.

Obviously a new generation of Nvidia graphics cards We won’t be able to see him this month. RTX 4000 series If the earliest date for the autumn months of 2022 can be displayed. Nvidia, without hurting sales of its current line of graphics cards, new generation graphics card will determine the most appropriate date for the introduction.

So what do you think of the Nvidia RTX 4000 and RTX 3000? You can share your opinion with us in the comment section.

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