Valve has given the expected good news for Steam Deck!

Announced earlier this year, Valve’s portable handheld console Steam Deckmanaged to attract a lot of attention in the gaming world. Valve After announcing that it’s doubling console production and shipping orders much faster, it looks like it’s upped its Steam Deck plans. The company said the handheld console “multigenerational“He said he would.

First Statement From Valve: Is Steam Deck 2 Coming?

Valve has shared a new blog in the Steam Community section. After Steam Deck, production doubled in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong for distribution. Additionally, Valve, who prepared the brochure for the console, indicated that the Steam Deck would be multi-generational.

Valve also pointed out that the portable handheld console can be used in many more ways. The description in the brochure reads “From the Steam community for our hardware. new applications we haven’t thought of yet We will learn about it.

Good news for Steam Deck: Is it coming to Turkey?

Good news for Steam Deck: Is it coming to Turkey?

According to Valve’s statement, Steam Deck’s production capacity has doubled. Will the portable console be available for purchase in Turkey?

Although the company did not address the details of the new console, emphasizing that it is multi-generational Steam Deck 2’nin indicated its existence. He also assured that the new Steam Deck will be “more capable and comprehensive than the first version”.

Also, some time ago from Valve’s development team on social media sharing, to the delight of the waiting Steam Deck. Stating that they have expanded their production capacity, the gaming giant said that the stock count of Steam Deck stated that it had more than doubled. However, still Not officially sold in Turkey Let’s remind.


Hand console on deck SteamOS and currently supports more than 4500 Steam games without any problems. In addition, the company stated that it can run more than 30 thousand games, but it is not fully optimized.

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