Unexpected performance boost for Xbox Series S!

In the last quarter of 2020, Microsoft introduced 2 new products, the Xbox Series S and X, shortly after Sony introduced the PlayStation 5 gaming console. Today, it shared the new GDK (Game Development Kit) it designed for game developers. This is said to provide a big performance boost, especially on the Xbox Series S model. Here are the details…

Xbox Series S will surprise with an increase in performance!

The Xbox Series S offered for sale by Microsoft is not as powerful as the X model of the series and the PlayStation 5. However, it was released with 4K support. However, as many gamers know, it can only play games at 2K 120 Fps, even in the best case scenario. In fact, it can’t go beyond Full HD in most AAA quality productions.

Xbox Series S

Of course, this is acceptable to many people. Because it was offered for sale for 300 dollars abroad and 5 thousand 399 TL in Turkey. Also, despite being much more relevant than its competitors, the Series X and PS 5, it managed to keep up-to-date technology and new experiences.

Xbox Live Gold Games for August 2022 Announced!

Xbox Live Gold Games for August 2022 Announced!

As part of the Games with Gold program, Microsoft has announced August 2022 games exclusive to Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass Ultimate members.

However, it is very difficult to satisfy users with high expectations of hardware performance in it. Since Microsoft is aware of this, it is trying to balance the situation by making some improvements on the software side.

In this direction, as of today, a new GDK namely Game Development Kit has been shared with developers. According to the company’s statement, this new software rearranges the amount of memory the console uses to run games. At the same time, it enriches the hands of developers in the optimization process.

After the games developed using this kit and the new update packs, we expect changes that will directly affect performance. Of course, this certainly does not mean that it will be an equivalent competitor to the Series X or PS 5. However, it is said that there will be a noticeable difference.

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