Three new products from Mcdodo for smartphone users!

Turkey’s fastest growing mobile accessories brand Mcdodo, continues to produce tech accessories to suit the needs with its wide product range that appeals to all ages and tastes. Acting with the awareness that technological devices are now indispensable in today’s digitized mobile world, Mcdodo; Including many innovative products such as USB-C hubs, fast charging cables with LED lights, fast GaN chargers, bluetooth headsets and wireless car mounts for charging. It continues to add new ones to its more than 250 accessory options every day.

Mcdodo products that make life easier

Mcdodo that will make your life easier and a practical advantage to use while spending this summer on the go. 3 more innovative products connects technology enthusiasts. The brand motto is “Developing solutions by focusing on the needs of the sector in a short period of time’ Macdodo; With 3 new products it has brought together with tech enthusiasts this summer, it saves its users time and offers fast and safe charging while making a difference with its additional features and stylish design.

Mcdodo N1 Wireless Headphones Review!

Mcdodo N1 Wireless Headphones Review!

We are with you with a video review of wireless headphones Mcdodo N1. What does the ANC-enabled and ultra-lightweight headset offer?

MagSafe charger with cooler

MagSafe charger with magnetic cooler designed especially for those who play games very often on their phones and tablets, It provides fast cooling while performing 15W/10W/7.5W/5W wireless charging and offers functional use with its perfect connection power. This magnetic charge has powerful cooling technology. Turbine-driven fan accelerates heat dissipation while cooling your phone in 3 seconds, strong airflow with low noise offers.

Supporting wireless charging from 5W to 15W, the device is equipped with new semiconductor cooling technology with 4-layer protection mechanism and more Weight 80 g. differs from its peers. It also provides a more exciting gaming experience thanks to the RGB ring light bar with built-in glare.

4-in-1 15W wireless desktop charging stand

Another innovative Mcdodo product that will mark this summer and even the whole year. 4 in 1 15W wireless desktop charging stand; In addition to the fast charging feature, it also offers a phone stand, night light and digital alarm clock.

Compatible with all iOS and Android phones, the device accompanies you every night with its touch-controlled night light, both charging and a soft light clock. Even when the power of the device is turned off, the brightness of the LED screen is automatically adjusted according to the intensity of the surrounding light, thanks to the memory function, the watch automatically calibrates the time when it is turned on and the alarm setting remains the same.

Wireless charger for Apple Watch

One of the latest products developed by Mcdodo in wireless charging, which is an expert. Wireless charger for Apple Watch With its aesthetic design and affordable price, Apple offers a completely different charging experience to its users.

The charger, which is protected against overcurrent, overheating and overcharging, makes you say “tech is good” with its size that you can take with you wherever you go. Mcdodo, which includes functional products like car accessories, cables, cases and goggles, charging adapters, power banks, charging cables in its product range, also offers many innovative and specially designed innovative products to its enthusiasts.

You can view Mcdodo’s product list here.

Mcdodo products; address as well as Amazon, Hepsiburada, N11 and Trendyol. It also meets with consumers.

  • Price of wireless charger for Apple Watch: 324 TL
  • MagSafe charger with magnetic cooler price: 749.90 TL
  • Multifunctional wireless desktop charging stand Price: 1024.90 TL
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