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The US military has developed a metaverse! A virtual exercise will

Worldwide after Facebook changed its company name to Meta metauniverse rage started Dozens of companies want to develop their own virtual world, and companies want to take their place in these worlds. US military similar to a metaverse “photorealistic” plots It turned out that he designed and did exercises.

The development of the metaverse in the US military is surprising

ABD, Synthetic Educational Environment (STE) The Army is taking its work into the digital world under a program called the US Army, which has long simulated military tactics through action games, wants to combine the games into a single training environment.

Developed under the Synthetic Education Environment (STE) program, the metaverse is different from the virtual worlds of companies. A 1:1 digital twin on Earth The US Army, which is trying to create In this way, the lands in the virtual world have the same appearance as on Earth.

Facebook and Apple will face off against the universe of the metaverse!

Facebook and Apple will face off against the universe of the metaverse!

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, Facebook’s umbrella organization for the Metaverse universe, points to Apple as a competitor.

Launched in 2017, the program is used for multiple purposes by the US military. Among them, developing a strategy in any terrain of the world, do virtual training and training different military units in a unified training environment.

Maria Gervais, director of the Combined Arms Training Center, made a statement on the topic and said they prepared Soldiers for complex and operational environments. “We want our Soldiers to enter the synthetic training environment and learn who to fight and on what terrain,” he said in a statement.

Beyond metaverses created for entertainment or commercial use, military virtual worlds have become worrisome. Although the US military says it uses a 1:1 digital twin of Earth for simulation, In daily training until 2030 believed to be in use.

So what do you think about the metaverse developed by the US military? You can share your opinion with us in the comment section.

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