The thinnest watch in the world is sold at a record price!

In today’s technology, smart devices come to everyone’s mind when it comes to watches. These are devices that can track fitness, perform searches, measure your sleep, heart rate and even blood oxygen levels. But the manufacture of mechanical watches is still quite popular. And some of them are real works of art. Today one of them, the thinnest watch in the world, went on sale.

The world’s thinnest watch sells for more than a Ferrari!

The thinnest watch in the world, the RM UP-01, produced by the Richard Mille brand, is 1.75 mm thick. Its predecessor, the Bulgari Octo Finissimo Ultra, which held this record, was 1.88 mm thick. So both are much thinner than a 25 cent coin.

The thinnest watch in the world

The gear mechanism in the watch is said to have been jointly developed by Richard Mille and another master, Audemars Piguet Renaud & Papi. The thinness of this mechanism is exactly 1.18 mm. In other words, both the watch and its movement made it into the record books.

These products are not devices made for normal everyday use. As mentioned, these watches are viewed as works of art. Therefore, their prices are determined not according to their purpose, but according to their artistic value. But let’s just say it’s pretty salty.

The thinnest watch in the world

Because the watch, which is the new owner of the RM UP-01 plate produced by Richard Mille, was offered for sale at a price of 1 million 888 thousand dollars. It is possible to buy Ferrari and McLaren sports cars at this price. When we convert it to Turkish lira, it is 32 million 511 thousand 360 TL at today’s exchange rate. So it’s a pretty expensive piece of art.

Of course, as mentioned, the person who bought the watch can also wear it on their wrist if they wish. But on the functionality side, it won’t differ from its $10 competitors. But since it’s thin, she won’t have to worry about it getting damaged. Since the product is made of 5th grade titanium, it is not easily damaged.

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