The target of the Chinese scammers this time was children!

Miscellaneous for children in China game restrictions exists. Chinese government to prevent addiction to games and screen younger than 18 He has made different decisions for people. Accordingly, Chinese children; Friday Saturday and Sunday only 1 hour can play online games.

Children who want to play longer have fallen into the hands of scammers

According to this rule, the Chinese Youth Weekly only 3 hours of online play i have to play Children whose playing hours are limited have become targets of scammers. The crooks of the country computer gamesIt turns out they tricked a kid into promising to let them go over their time limit to play the game.

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In the reports received approx 12 thousand children suspected fraudulent activity. Scammers who, through various messaging apps, pass on promises to children to bypass gaming restrictions in China, in return. 3800 yuan (approx. 10 thousand 100 TL) want.

With this promise kidnapped children On the other hand, they send this amount to the fraudsters through their families’ phones. At the end of the payment, the children want long playing times It is also worth remembering that they cannot reach them. Many children like this are said to be deceived in the same way.

On the other hand, some children are victims of different methods. their kids free in-game costume, equipment and many scams are reported to be perpetrated by making them believe they are doing illegal activities. This kind of fraud, Chinese children spends more time on the Internet It is said to reach its peak as the summer season approaches.

The authorities have cases of fraud then into action. Authorized bodies working with regional internet providers for a short time in order to catch up. About the subject in the adIt is emphasized that everyone should work together to prevent these scams.

This kind of scam in China Unfortunately, we also meet it very often in our country.. To avoid such a situation, everyone Be very careful needs. So what do you think about the bans and scams against Chinese children? You can share your opinion with us in the comment section.

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