The smallest OLED display is coming!

LG Electronics, one of the best OLED display manufacturers on the market. others TV and monitor LG, which also makes panels for manufacturers, stands out in this regard. The company so far the smallest OLED TVof which is 42 inches, the smallest OLED monitor Its size is 27 inches.

20-inch OLED display from LG

This situation looks set to change soon. LGplans to offer OLED screens in more different sizes in the near future. LG display vice president Kang Won-Seok revealed that the company will launch a 20-inch OLED panel. So the company has produced the smallest OLED panel display they will have produced.

What is the MS (response time) of monitors?

What is the MS (response time) of monitors?

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Won-Seok did not reveal exactly what type of device these new panels will be used for. However your new panelscaused by the pandemic the growing demand for personal display We know it’s designed to help you meet.

applied in different parts of the world in the last few years. curfew restrictions Because of this, most of us are used to working and staying at home instead of going out. As time spent at home increases office and home entertainment There is more demand for monitors and TVs than ever before.

It is not yet clear whether these panels will be used by LG or sold to another company. However, from LG this year, 20-inch sizes OLED TV or OLED monitor We have a pretty good chance of seeing it. No doubt a 20 inch monitor player experience will have a positive effect.

We have to wait a little longer to see what kind of product LG has designed. if small OLED screen If you want, it would be logical to wait for the next move from LG. of LG 20 inch OLED screen We look forward to his upcoming performance.

So what do you think about LG and the world’s smallest OLED screen? You can share your opinion with us in the comment section.

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