The prices of AirPods Pro 2 and Apple Watch Turkey have been announced!

The Apple Future Time event that we’ve been sharing and looking forward to for a long time took place at 8pm tonight. Apple introduced the new iPhone 14 series, smartwatches and wireless headphones here. Here are the prices of AirPods Pro 2 and the new Apple Watch models in Turkey…

The prices of AirPods Pro 2, Apple Watch 8, SE and Ultra in Turkey!

  • Apple Watch Ultra: 27 thousand 999 TL
  • Apple Watch 8 41 mm GPS: 9 thousand 299 TL
  • Apple Watch 8 41 mm GPS + cellular network: 16 thousand 799 TL
  • Apple Watch 8 45 mm GPS: 9 thousand 999 TL
  • Apple Watch 8 45 mm GPS + cellular network: 17 thousand 499 TL
  • Apple Watch SE 40 mm GPS: 5 thousand 999 TL
  • Apple Watch SE 40 mm GPS + cellular network: 11 thousand 399 TL
  • Apple Watch SE 44mm GPS: 6 thousand 699 TL
  • Apple Watch SE 44mm GPS + Cellular: 12 thousand 99 TL
  • AirPods Pro 2: 5 thousand 399 TL

The Apple Watch Ultra has a 7% larger screen compared to the 8th generation Apple Watch with a size of 49mm. Using the largest Apple Watch face, the device also comes with a titanium body and sapphire crystal glass.

The prices for Turkey of the iPhone 14 series have been announced!  Total 57 thousand TL

The prices for Turkey of the iPhone 14 series have been announced! Total 57 thousand TL

Apple unveiled its new smartphones at an event held this evening. Here are the iPhone 14 series prices in Turkey…

The right side of the watch has the Digital Crown and side button, while the left side has a new action button. This button will allow the watch to be customized, allowing it to be assigned tasks such as launching an app or running a workout.

The smartwatch, which will ship with watchOS 9 immediately, includes all the current Apple Watch features, such as heart rate tracking, SpO2 monitoring, ECG, multiple sports modes and phone notifications. But let’s say that its main target is athletes and adventurers.

The Apple Watch Ultra will have additional features that appeal to athletes, including advanced sleep tracking. The company’s most durable watch to date, the Watch Ultra will withstand extreme conditions. For example, to warn people 180 meters away 86 decibel sirens has power.

In addition, the watch displays many data such as time and depth of diving underwater. WR100 waterproofing and IP6X Dust proof certificate available. In fact, according to Apple, it is suitable for use by professionals on dives up to 100 meters.

For a long time, Apple managed to shake up the technology industry with its wireless headphones. Apple has had so much success with these devices that if it were to create a separate company called AirPods, it says it would make enough money to surpass even its rival smartphone makers.

A new model was unveiled today that will ensure this success continues. First released in 2019, the second generation of the device, AirPods Pro, which is a top version of the device with silicone caps and superior active noise cancellation features, has joined us. So what does the AirPods Pro 2, our review guest, promise?

Powered by the H2 chip, the new headphones use a new ANC (active noise cancellation) feature, thanks to their advanced computing capabilities. In this way, the amount of blocked noise increases up to 2 times. It also states that the new chip works together with a special driver and amplifier.

AirPods Pro 2

AirPods Pro lets you adjust the volume with a single swipe thanks to a completely revamped touch control. The custom surround sound feature helps the user tune the sound to their ears.

The device promises up to 6 hours of life on a single charge. If you turn on the box, you can stay away from the outlet for a total of 30 hours. When we compare it to the first generation, we can say that the headphones are 33 percent better and the box is 25 percent better.

In addition, transparent mode will now be private to the user. In this way, environmental sounds such as construction noise coming from outside will be prevented from being disturbing. But it will still be able to be heard at will.

Another good news is that Apple will now support the Find My app with this device. The device has a new speaker grille above the charging case. That way, when you lose your place, it will be able to give you a voice call.

The price of the 2nd generation AirPods Pro model was announced as 5 thousand 399 TL. Pre-order will start on September 9th. Sales will take place on September 23. Of course, what really catches the eye is the fact that the 2nd generation headphones are positioned directly in the place of their predecessor, while all the accessories in the Apple Store have been enlarged.

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