The price of the Intel ARC A750 and A770 graphics cards has appeared

There is now a new player in the graphics card market, where AMD and NVIDIA have been competing for years. Intel has announced that it will launch its ARC series of cards starting this year. It also positions them directly in front of market players. Today the price of ARC A750 and ARC A770 came out.

Intel ARC A750 and ARC A770 will surpass their competitors for their price!

The publication made by Intel last July said that the performance of the ARC A750 generation graphics card surpasses the RTX 3060. In addition, the price of the ARC A750 and ARC A770 models that appeared today could make these cards the best sellers .

ARC A750

NVIDIA currently sells the RTX 3060 for around $400 in the global market. Since Intel was new to the market, it was expected to sell the ARC A750 for just over $350, following AMD’s once-in-a-lifetime policy.

Intel unveils Arc Pro graphics cards

Intel unveils Arc Pro graphics cards

Intel has introduced the first members of its Arc Pro series, which has been on the agenda for external graphics cards since last year. Here are the specs!

But instead it turned out that it will be offered for sale at a price of $299. The ARC A770 graphics card, which rivals the RTX 3070, is even rumored to be priced at $419. This will tempt people who think the prices are high and who want to buy an RTX 3070 for the price of an RTX 3060.

If we take a closer look at the performance tests that have appeared in the past period, we see that it is done in 2560×1440, that is, 2K resolution. Accordingly, Intel’s new ARC A750 graphics card manages to outperform the RTX 3060 by an average of 15 percent. But as an important detail, since DLSS-like features were not enabled in these tests, we can say that NVIDIA is actually fighting with one hand behind.

In this case, we can say that the ARC A750 can reproduce 4K 120/144 Hz very comfortably in games that do not demand high graphic performance such as CS: GO. However, it should be noted that both cards are primarily targeting 1080p or Full HD resolution for AAA-class gaming.

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