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The official announcement for the PlayStation VR2 promotion has arrived!

Sony It is preparing to introduce the new generation of virtual reality glasses, which it first released in 2016 to consumers PlayStation 5 developed to increase the experience and add more realism. PlayStation VR2 Finally, the official announcement of the model’s launch date has arrived.

PlayStation VR2 arrives in early 2023

The Sony Company PlayStation VR2 announced that it will launch its virtual reality headset early next year. Although the launch date is not yet confirmed, the company can expect it in the coming months. more infoWe look forward to sharing.

Heavy fault for Sony: scamming people on the PlayStation Store!

Heavy fault for Sony: scamming people on the PlayStation Store!

Recently, Sony has been the subject of serious accusations. The UK believes that the company is abusing the PlayStation Store service.

The company is looking forward to the presentation Sony PlayStation VR2 for via official Instagram and Twitter accounts.Expect early 2023 #PSVR2,” shared in a text message. Sony new virtual reality glasses He has already shared some details about it.

Sony PlayStation VR2It will have the same color scheme as the PlayStation 5 console and a headband-type viewfinder similar to the first PS VR. Your new virtual glassesIt is said to feature controllers with unique vibration feedback and advanced tactics.

PlayStation VR2, 110 degree field of view Will have. It also monitors where the eye’s fovea is focused to maximize resolution and display graphics more clearly. with foveated processing technology It aims to greatly enhance the virtual reality experience.

Virtual reality glasses too to the real world There will also be connected cameras. Same with these cameras clear playing field Obstacles such as walls, floors, chairs and tables can be scanned to achieve the feel and create a boundary for play.

PlayStation VR2, up to 4K resolution will host screens. Virtual reality glasses 90Hz or 120Hz refresh rate will support. The company also has one device USB Type C He also revealed that it can be connected to the console using a cable.

Sony PSVR2

The company also announced that when the PS VR2 is officially released, the device will be around approx. Out of 20 games announced that there will be a product line consisting of Among these games Horizon ve Living Dead except their universe No man’s sky ve Resident Evil Village there is also

As technology advances, VR and AR glasses Now it has become a part of our life. So, you Sony PlayStation VR2 What do you think about that? You can share your opinion with us in the comment section.

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