The new version of PlayStation 5 will upset the 2021 models! Here’s what’s new

The PlayStation series, which has become one of the most important names in the world of gaming consoles, has continued its success with its fifth model. Sony has been working hard to keep the PlayStation 5 model, which was released in the second quarter of 2020, up to date.

The PlayStation 5 (2022) will be lighter than the others

Sony is preparing to launch a new version of its PlayStation 5 consoles on September 15. The new version called “CFI-1200” will be the third update that the company is introducing in this series. The company is gradually making its models lighter.

Sonny stepped on the gas!  PlayStation games coming to mobile devices?

Sonny stepped on the gas! PlayStation games coming to mobile devices?

PlayStation has acquired Savage Game Studios. Sony is adding a mobile game developer to its team for the first time.

According to the information received, the new version called “CFI-1200” PS5 disc The model will be 300 grams lighter and will weigh 3.9 kilograms. on the other hand PS5 Digital, reached a weight of 3.4 kilograms with a reduction of 200 grams. On the other hand, although there is some information that it is moving the APU to a 6nm node, it has not been confirmed yet. Also, the original was a 7nm node.

Model PlayStation 5 Disc PlayStation 5 Digital
Original 4.5 kg 3.9 kg
PlayStation 5 (2021) 4.2 kg 3.6 kg
PlayStation 5 (2022) 3.9 kg 3.4 kg
PlayStation 5 2022

The PlayStation 5, which is getting ready to release a new version, has been on the agenda with bad news lately. Sony has decided to increase the prices of the gaming console worldwide. Although the increases have happened in most regions, they will take effect in some regions from September 15, when the new version of the PlayStation 5 console (2022) will be presented.

PlayStation 5 2022

According to incoming information, the reason for the increases are global economic fluctuations and supply chains, which were felt last year due to the coronavirus. After the increases, the PlayStation 5 Disc price in Turkey was 13,199 TL and the PlayStation 5 Digital price was 11,199 TL.

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