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The leader in the world of smartwatches has been announced!

With major companies developing their own technology ecosystem, the smartwatch market is also in significant development. A report published in Counterpoint Research reveals the fierce competition of companies in this field. What is the situation in the second quarter of 2022?

Apple remains the leader in the smartwatch market

According to the report published by Counterpoint Research, the growth in demand for smartwatches over the past year continued in the last quarter. The world of smartwatches saw growth of 13 percent. Factors such as the recent economic upset and the worldwide chip crisis have not had much of an impact on this sector.

Engineered from chip-free e-skin!  Can it replace the smartwatch?

Engineered from chip-free e-skin! Can it replace the smartwatch?

MIT researchers announced for the first time that they have designed electronic skin that can communicate without a chip and wirelessly. Here are the details.

The biggest player in the market was Apple. Although the company posted growth of 8% over the same period last year, it was down from the first quarter. The company held 29.3% of the market share this quarter. On the other hand, it had a 36% share in the previous quarter.

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Samsung is in second place with a percentage of 9.2. Although the company saw growth of 1.8 percent compared to the same period in 2021, it also shrank compared to the previous quarter. Despite the US embargo, Huawei managed to maintain its place at the top of the sector.

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On the other hand, the biggest smartwatch buyer continues to be the US. One of the countries that caught the eye, however, was India. The country has grown by 300 percent in the past year and is second only to the US. In addition, China is in third place and all of Europe is in fourth place.

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