The first information about Apple’s M3 processor has arrived!

An appleorganized earlier this month WWDC22 at the conference new their software ve their products market it. In this context M2 processor when introduced strength Alan MacBook Air ve Pro 2022 was also exposed. According to the latest information, the company has started working on the successor of the processor without opening the gap. The first information about the M3 has arrived. Here are the Apple M3 specs and release date!

What will the Apple M3 processor offer consumers?

Bloomberg editor Mark Gurmanprovided important information about Apple’s work in the Power On newsletter. According to Gurman, the company is the successor to the M2 introduced earlier this month. M3 started working on it. Not many details are known at this time as it is in the early stages of development. However, it is very likely that he will debut next year.

Apple M3 specifications and release date
Apple M3 specifications and release date

Mark Gurman; M3 next year four different Macs He said this would feed his model: 13-inch MacBook Air (J513), 15-inch MacBook Air (J515) ve new iMac (J433). The fourth device 12-inch MacBook This is said to be in the early stages of development, but information about it is limited so far.

Apple is not slowing down: All the devices have appeared!

Apple is not slowing down: All the devices have appeared!

Apple will launch many products in the next period, including new devices that will ship with the M2 Pro and M2 Max processors.

Apple plans to push a few more M2 series chipsets until the M3 is unveiled next year. GourmetAccording to these; M2 Pro, M2 Max, M2 Ultra ve M2 Extreme with their names may come. If we take into account the previous works of the company, we can say that this probability is quite high.

Apple’s M1 and M2 chips went through a 5nm manufacturing process. The M3, on the other hand, will present consumers with an important innovation in this area, with a 3 nm architecture. And finally significantly increasing performance and productivity Although the expected processor has not yet been confirmed, it is said to be manufactured by TSMC.

So what do you think about this? Do you think the M3 will live up to expectations? Don’t forget to share it with us in the comments section!

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