The end of the road for Google Stadia! does it close

Gamers have been torn between console and PC for a long time. But now there is a third option. We don’t need special consoles to comfortably play AAA quality games on all devices. We can use cloud gaming services instead. However, it is possible that the Stadia service offered by Google, which is among the most popular, will stop unexpectedly.

Is Google Stadia shutting down? What about users?

Google’s Stadia cloud gaming service may be shutting down, according to leaks that surfaced today. In fact, we may see a move towards a temporary shutdown with an official announcement the company is said to make towards the end of this year.

Google Stadia

The main reason for this decision is that it did not receive the expected attention from the user. This service made a big splash when it first appeared. In fact, tens of thousands of people who wanted to experience bought their subscriptions from day one.

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However, after 3 years the company did not reach the expected level. Of course, the presence of strong competing platforms like NVIDIA’s GeForce Now was also a factor in this. Because when a large slice of the not-so-great pie is lost, the remaining share may not cover service and development costs.

In this case, if the service has not been able to pay for itself within 3 years, there may be pressure from the management of the company not to spend more money. Because in such cases, whatever the board of directors says goes. For example, Steve Jobs was forced to leave Apple for a while due to such a situation, but was later brought back when things were not going well.

Of course, there were rumors a few days ago that Stadia could be sold. But according to internal leaks, Google has no intention of selling it. Instead, he intends to make a second entry, securing his business on the back burner until the market grows a little more. However, he may change his mind before this year is over.

If the platform is to be shut down, it should notify all its subscribers 1-2 months in advance. Therefore, we don’t have to wait for the day it will be closed to make the leak official. Because it will be announced much earlier.

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