The dreaded Apple Studio Display issue has been fixed!

The Apple Studio Display, which Apple announced at the event where Apple introduced the M1 Ultra processor and the Mac Studio computer, recently developed a software problem. This 27-inch screen with 5K resolution offers more than a monitor with studio-quality microphones, six speakers and a wide-angle camera. Of course, this requires good hardware and software.

Although Apple did not mention this detail at the promotional event, the monitor appeared with the iOS operating system shortly after its release. However, the software update offered for the monitor and the updates offered for the iPhone and iPad models do not progress in a coordinated manner. Apple already offers the iOS 15.4.1 update, but the iOS 15.4 update is new and problematic on the monitor side.

Apple introduced Studio Display!  Here's the price and features

Apple introduced Studio Display! Here’s the price and features

Apple held its event where it presented its new products. At the event, the company also presented the Studio Display product.

Apple Studio Display update issue resolved

Some Apple Studio Display owners are trying to install the update “The firmware update failed to complete successfully, please try again in an hour.He was faced with the warning. The warning to contact an authorized Apple service center if the problem persists scared users a bit.

It was found that the problem was due to the fact that the update was not signed by Apple and with the server-side editing, all monitors were able to access iOS 15.4. Of course, the interruption of the update caused problems with some monitors.

Additionally, Apple announced that it will release an update for the monitor camera issue in the coming days, but the iOS 15.4 release does not include this change.

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