The detailed information menu comes in the Google Photos app

Google added a new details feature to the web version of Google Photos in 2020. The 9to5Google team discovered that the details menu is in the works for the Android version of Google Photos.

Google Photos comes in Android’s detail menu

Changing its storage policy last year, Google added tools that let users better manage their cloud storage quotas. The new feature for Android users will make it even easier for users to manage backups.

Google Photos comes in Android's detail menu

The Downloads, Backups, and Shared tabs, which are only available on the web version, can now be seen on the mobile apps as well. The Backup Copy section contains details such as day/date, location, device properties, and EXIF ​​information.

The Google Wallet app has finally shown its face!

The Google Wallet app has finally shown its face!

With its new wallet app, Google offers credit cards, IDs, vehicle keys, vaccination information and more.

People using the mobile app will be able to see what quality a photo is uploaded to Google Photos. There are two different backup options on the Google Photos platform: “Original Quality” and “Storage Saver”.

The 9to5Google team said that the new feature is currently available to a limited number of Android users. It is not yet known when the new detail menu update will be released.

The company has also been on the agenda with the controversial change to the Google Play Store for the past few days. Users will no longer be able to see what permissions apps run on the Google Play Store page. The data protection menu populated by app developers will be displayed instead of the Permissions tab. Analysts said this situation works to the advantage of people who develop malware.

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