The claim that Amazon has taken action on Electronic Arts!

The leaks that surfaced today have dropped like a bomb on the gaming world. Following Microsoft’s $68.7 billion acquisition of Activision Blizzard in recent months, Electronic Arts has announced it wants to be sold. The allegation, which surfaced today, says that Amazon has moved to buy Electronic Arts.

The claim that Amazon has taken action on Electronic Arts!

When EA (Electronic Arts) said it wanted to be sold in the past period, it managed to attract the attention of many companies from Apple to Disney. In fact, dozens of informal meetings were reported to have been held in the background. But no one took this step, as the amount demanded was too high.

Amazon Electronic Arts

So much so that there is currently over $100 billion in the market created by game manufacturers and publishers. Of course, here we separate the individual values ​​of the companies. Because even Activision Blizzard alone was sold to Microsoft for nearly $70 billion.

Amazon Prime gives the 630 TL game for free!

Amazon Prime gives the 630 TL game for free!

8 free games have been announced that will be provided by Amazon Prime Gaming in September. Its value exceeds 630 TL.

The total value of EA, which has an annual income of between $8 billion and $10 billion, is said to be over $60 billion. Of course, as we saw in Musk’s acquisition of Twitter, companies can demand much higher prices in such cases. For this reason, it may go down in world history by outselling Activision.

Therefore, the companies that can make this purchase must be worth about a trillion dollars in size. That’s why we don’t come across many names. But the claim that Amazon has taken a step in this direction has made all players happy.

Because the expectation is that you can access EA games or DLC for a very low amount through Prime Gaming within Amazon’s Prime service. In fact, the price of this service in Turkey (7.99 TL) is 1/10 of the aforementioned DLC and 1/20 of the games.

Following this leak, it was said that the company may make an official announcement today. However, a CNBC report says that Amazon has yet to make an offer. However, the claim that he had such an intention was not denied.

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