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The battery capacities of the new Apple Watch models have been announced!

An appleWithin the event organized by . Although the smartwatches have received positive feedback for their design, it should also be noted that the company did not reveal some technical details about the devices. Recently, the battery capacity of smartwatches has appeared.

The battery capacity of the new Apple Watch models has been revealed

Apple’s new Apple Watch models have appeared in the 3C database. Accordingly, the company’s affordable model comes with a 40 mm Apple Watch SE 245 mAh and a 44 mm Apple Watch SE with a 296 mAh battery.

Apple Watch Series 8” 41 mm The model is size 282, 45 mm The model has a 308mAh battery. At the same time, the Watch Ultra, which is manufactured in accordance with extreme sports, 542 mAhIt hosts the battery.

How much profit do technological devices bring to their manufacturers?

How much profit do technological devices bring to their manufacturers?

When we buy a technological device, have you thought about the price of the manufacturer of this product and how much profit he makes from this device?

Apple Watch Series 8 Features

of Apple a smart watch of a new generation before it was introduced, it appeared with many leaks and claims. Today, after dozens of rumors, it surfaced in bloody fashion. Years before the pandemic, Apple had long-term health goals for the smartwatch. In recent months, we have also come across many leaks related to the Apple Watch Series 8 apart from the software. Bloomberg analyst Mark Gurman claims that Apple will add a temperature sensor to the Watch Series 8 with the event temperature sensor get security.

Apple Watch battery

Thanks to the sensor that users have been asking for for a long time, the watch will warn if the user’s temperature is higher than normal. This sensor measurement every 5 seconds doing. Furthermore 0.1 degrees Celsius It even detects the temperature change. In addition, the Watch Series 8, which can measure body temperature throughout the night, will also give women more information about their ovulation periods. In this way, women will carry out the tracking process in more detail.

The first three generations of Apple Watch had sizes of 38 mm and 42 mm. In the Watch Series 7, the case size has been expanded and comes in two different options, 41mm and 45mm. On the Apple Watch Series 8 With dimensions of 45 mm and 41 mm is found.

Apple Watch battery

new series, 18 hours all day battery there will be life. With this ‘Low power modewill be in. Thanks to the low power mode, the Apple Watch Up to 36 hours of battery life will present. This new mod watchOS 9 with the update Series 4’ten next Also available for other Apple watches.

Meanwhile watch episode 8, “crash detection” It will also detect car accidents with its feature. For that too two new motion sensors contains. Collision property as described, only while driving will work. Like this one somersault, frontal impact, back kick ve side impact inclusive four different types of accidents will determine.

So what do you think about this? What do you think about the battery capacity of smartwatches? Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

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