The Add to Steam Library button is on its way

Popular gaming service Steam, users have been preparing to finally get a feature for years. According to new images that have surfaced, Steam will soon “add to libraryYou will get the ” button. This button has been expected for years, especially for free games and DLC.

The Add to Steam Library button is coming

The nearly 18-year-old digital distribution service Steam has received complaints about adding content to its library for years. Now free game If you want to add it to your library, you need to start the process of downloading the game. In other words, there is no option to add the game directly to the library.

Add to Steam Library

Recent images appearing on some forums indicate that Steam will get the long-awaited “Add to Library” feature. You can now add a free DLC or game to your library using this button.

The most popular games on Steam have been announced!

The most popular games on Steam have been announced!

Steam is constantly updating its list of the most overrated games. We have listed the price changes in our country at the moment.

Although Add to Library may seem like a fairly simple feature, it must be said that it is one of the biggest demands of players. Users who want to get free content on Steam won’t have to finally start downloading the game and then cancel it.

The new feature, which managed to make the rounds on Reddit, is only for now. Steam mobile apps it is visible. However, it is planned to be added to the desktop version and even to the website in the near future. This will make it easy to add a free DLC or game to your library.

This isn’t the only Steam news that’s gotten attention lately. Steam has been subsidizing game prices in Turkey for a long time. For example, Goblins and caves The game called the game broke the record for unit price increase, with an increase of 878 percent.

What do you think of the Steam Add to Library feature? Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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