Thanks to Mcdodo accessories, you won’t run out of energy on vacation or at the beach.

A global brand for mobile accessories McDodocontinues to make life easier with its state-of-the-art mobile accessories. During the summer season; You will enjoy this summer to the fullest with accessories that promise continuous charging and continuous musical enjoyment while traveling, at the beach, at the hotel! LED Fast Charging Cables, GaN Fast Charging, Bluetooth headphones, MagSafe Many innovative products such as power banks and wireless car phone stands will accompany you throughout the summer.

Mcdodo accessories evoke summer!

Turkey’s fastest growing mobile accessories brand Mcdodo, With a wide product range that appeals to all ages and tastes, continues to accompany its users during their summer vacations and travels. It offers accessories suitable for everyday life, which has become even more active and mobile in the summer, with the most innovative and modern design. Like USB-C hubs, fast charging cables with LED light, fast GaN chargers, bluetooth headphones and wireless charging car mount More than 250 practical products; It will make your life easier by accompanying you at the beach, at the hotel and during the summer travel.

You can find all these Mcdodo products and much more by clicking here.

Mcdodo Magnetic Cooler Charging Cable!

Mcdodo doesn’t forget those who like to play games while spending time on the beach lounger and offers another innovative product that provides fast cooling with wireless charging. With this heatsink that is specially designed for gamers and supports 15W/10W/7.5W/5W wireless charging, You will be able to freely charge your phone and tablet without fear of getting hot under the summer sun..

The indispensable pair of the holiday: Bluetooth headset and MagSafe powerbank

A wireless bluetooth headset with active noise cancellation, which is one of the most indispensable accessories when traveling and at the beach in summer; With its superior technology and lightweight design, it offers a wireless, free sound and speech experience. The earphones, which are also assertive with their simple and stylish design, can be used for 6 hours with the power case, Provides 25 hours of standby time. Mcdodo’s modern design wireless headphonesWith it you will enjoy music and speech in high quality, on the beach and on the road.

McDodo too Take your charging experience to a whole new level with the MagSafe powerbank. With its 5, 10 and 20 thousand mAh options, the MagSafe powerbank charger integrates with your phone with its simple and modern design, offering wireless and free charging all summer long. In addition, with its special design that allows you to stand at an angle of 50 degrees, you can use it as a stand while charging your phone.

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