Testing a new payment method for the Google Play Store

Many countries, especially the US, are putting pressure on Apple and Google over payment methods. Working on this problem, Google expanded the scope of the user-preferred billing system. Developers will be able to offer a new payment method in Google Play Store apps.

Developers say Apple and Google don’t allow different payment methods to get more commissions. After doing a pilot project with Spotify in March, Google announced that it has opened up the new payment method to other developers.

Testing an alternative payment method for the Google Play Store

Announcing that it will soon offer an alternative to all developers for the payment method, Google will be experimenting in a few countries for now. Developers living in the countries of the European Economic Area (EEA), Australia, India, Indonesia and Japan will be able to use the new payment method.

An alternative payment method is being tested in the Google Play Store

Coming with various restrictions, the company announced that game developers cannot test the new payment method. Moreover, if the user chooses the alternative billing system, the service fee paid to Google will be reduced by 4 percent.

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Android 14 will come with satellite support!

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It was stated that there are certain conditions that developers must meet in order to offer alternative payment methods. Developers are required to comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) for payments made with debit or credit cards. However, developers have an obligation to provide support for customer complaints.

Google is known to take a 15 percent commission on $1 million in annual revenue from its in-app purchases service. The company, which has very strict rules on the new payment method, said: “It is not possible to disable a user’s choice of billing in a particular app or country without our company’s knowledge. Changes to app registration preferences will take effect on the first day of next month.” statements made.

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