Samsung Odyssey Neo G8, G7 and G4 are coming!

Samsung has started introducing a new generation of gaming monitors. The three models that caught the eye were the Odyssey Neo G8, G7 and G4. These devices are said to go on sale worldwide, especially in the US, starting this month. Here are the specs…

Samsung Odyssey Neo G8, G7 and G4 are coming!

The Samsung Odyssey Neo G8 has emerged as the world’s first 4K gaming monitor to offer a high refresh rate of 240Hz. The G7 model in the series also promises 4K resolution. But the refresh rate is only 165 Hz. The G4, on the other hand, has Full HD resolution and a 240Hz refresh rate. In addition, they all offer a standard response time of 1 Ms.

Odyssey Neo G8 G7 G4

In other words, Samsung is appealing to those who want a high refresh rate and high resolution with these 3 models. Of course, with the G8 model it’s possible to get both, albeit a bit salty.


Good news for Rust players: A huge update is on the way!

Good news for Rust players: A huge update is on the way!

Rust, one of the biggest survival games in recent memory, is bringing a huge update to its weapon mechanics.

Also let’s say there are size differences. The Odyssey Neo G8 and G7 models use a 32-inch panel. The G4, on the other hand, has 2 different screen sizes, 27 and 25 inches, which we’re more used to. It should also be noted that the G8 and G7 have a 1000R curved structure, while the G4 is flat.

All models come with a 16:9 aspect ratio as standard. However, we see quite surprising values ​​in terms of screen brightness. Because the G4 uses HDR10 while the G8 and G7 come with Quantum HDR 2000. That’s why on paper the G4 only offers 400 nits while the G8 and G7 can go up to 350 nits. However, these two 4K-capable models offer full support up to 2000 nits.

The viewing angle of all three monitors is 178 degrees. On the gaming side, the G8 and G7 support FreeSync Premium Pro, while the G4 supports FreeSync Premium and G-Sync Compatible. When we look at ports, all offer Display Port and HDMI as standard, while those other than the G4 also have USB 3.0 outputs.

The prices of the new Odyssey series

  • Neo G8: 1,499 dollars / 25 thousand 850 TL without taxes
  • Neo G7: 1299 dollars / 22 thousand 400 TL without taxes
  • G4 27 inch: 385 dollars / 6 thousand 635 TL without taxes
  • G4 25 inch: 325 dollars / 5 thousand 600 TL without taxes

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