Samsung is determined to be a leader in processors: 3nm production is accelerating!

Tech giant Samsung has seen a rapid rise in the world of processors in recent years. Announcing that it will produce dedicated processors for its smartphones, the company has long been working on a 3nm processor. According to the reported information, the company is holding firm in this regard.

Samsung has started mass production of 3nm products in limited numbers

Samsung, which is in a fierce battle with TSMC for the 3nm processor, announced that it has started production in recent weeks. The company, which wants to produce the Exynos 2300, which will be the first 3nm processor in the Android world, will first produce it in small quantities, according to information reported by the Nikkei Asian Review.

Samsung has raised the prices of smartphones!

Samsung has raised the prices of smartphones!

Since June, technology prices have started to rise. After the increase in the price of cars, Samsung has also increased the prices of phones.

According to the transmitted information, the first buyers of their chips will be Chinese manufacturers that produce special accelerators for mining cryptocurrency. 3 nm chips were also on display during US President Joe Biden’s recent visit to South Korea.

3 nm

On the other hand, according to previously received information, Samsung will launch the S23 series with the 3nm Exynos 2300. Samsung is known to use two different processors in its flagship smartphones, which vary by region. According to the information received, the Samsung S23 series will use Exynos 2300 and Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processors next year.

3 nm

The size of 3 nm chips will be reduced by 35 percent compared to 5 nm chips. It also states that it will offer 30 percent higher performance and up to 50 percent lower power consumption. Although Samsung has started producing a limited number of 3 nm chips, it continues to work on 2 nm processors.

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