Samsung has begun beta testing ONE UI 5!

Android 13While testing continues, smartphone manufacturers continue to release beta versions of Android-based operating systems. Samsungthe beta version of the Android 13-based operating system One UI 5 Galaxy S22 model testing has begun explain.

Samsung Galaxy S22 gets ONE UI 5 beta

While no major changes are expected in Android 13, Galaxy S22In addition to some cosmetic improvements, security, notifications and camera updates are also included in the . On the other hand, Android 13 Galaxy Fold 4 It offers some important innovations for foldable phones like

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Samsung phones; with 12 new color options for home screen, icons and quick panels Android 13theme design of. Also, to enlarge texts and objects A magnifying glass As new options like widgets are added, new features are coming that let you save on widgets. In addition to this, a system is also available that can read the writing aloud. One user interface 5Among the new features introduced in .

Android 13 updates, such as new notification settings that require apps to ask for permission before sending notifications, are also among the features found on the S22 with the ONE UI 5 beta. In addition, the new security system will be able to perform privacy controls on the phone. Preferred languages ​​can be set on a per-app basis.

Android 13 brings new features to foldable phones. We see that it is specially designed for phones with different sizes, resolutions and pixel densities on their internal and external screens, such as Android 13, Fold 3. Samsung already offered this feature for Fold 3, but with Android 13 we may encounter more options .

Samsung; has just rolled out the ONE UI 5 beta test on Galaxy S22 phones to those living in the US, South Korea, and Germany. If you live in one of these countries, you can test the beta version of the operating system. However, please remember to consider the risks of using beta software.

So what do you think of Androdi 13 and ONE UI 5 beta? You can share your opinion with us in the comment section.

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