Russian tech importers can’t find a Russian keyboard

technology companies Sanctions against Russia After his execution and withdrawal from the country, interesting events began to happen. According to a report by a newspaper operating in the country, Russian supported products it was hard to find. Users in Russia parallel import However, these products do not have a Russian keyboard.

Russian users long for Russian keyboard because of the war

Kommersant’s latest article discusses the methods used by import companies in Russia to circumvent sanctions. Especially computer technology importing companies that have inventory issues around the world; Turkey, China or Serbia I cannot find a Russian keyboard on products purchased from countries such as.

Russia technology

It has been stated that in recent months, Russia has begun to supply technology through parallel imports (transferring products from different countries through third countries). These products include equipment such as smartphones, laptops and keyboards.

Russia ends its largest partnership in space!

Russia ends its largest partnership in space!

Russia cancels ISS missions. Russia will leave the space station and build its own station by 2024.

Apple stopped its official sales after the invasion of Ukraine and iPhone delivery stopped doing it. Because of this, companies in Russia started buying iPhones from countries like China through third parties.

However, the keyboards on these iPhones are set to the language of that country. In other words, the initial language of the iPhone shipped in China is also set to Chinese. Parallel import creates a similar situation. laptops also valid.

Besides the iPhone and PC, it’s getting harder and harder to find Cyrillic-ready keyboards. In fact, it’s estimated that non-Cyrillic keyboards will make up 10 percent of the country by the end of the year. If these keyboards Latin and even Arabic alphabet was stated.

So what do you think about this tech crisis in Russia? Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

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