Resident Evil 9 is coming! Her story and destination leaked out

Capcom, which managed to bring the horror-thriller series to more players with Resident Evil Village, finally Resident Evil 9 You may have started working on it. The first details leaked online revealed the game’s name and story.

When will Resident Evil 9 “Apocalypse” be released?

At Capcom’s presentation held about a month ago, the roadmap for the Resident Evil series was shared. Resident Evil Village DLC game ve Resident Evil 4 Remake’in We knew it was coming. Resident Evil 9 leaks have now surfaced. The new information includes the game’s location, enemies, and story.

According to information on the 4chan forum, the new game, “Apocalypse” (Apocalypse) is named. Resident Evil 9, which is already in production, will face the new hero who investigates a mysterious death in the ghost town. With Reden Evil “Apocalypse”, players will embark on an adventure in the city and surrounding areas.

Disappointing update for Resident Evil 7!

Disappointing update for Resident Evil 7!

Resident Evil 7, one of the best games in the series, has disappointed players with a next-gen patch.

Enemies in the game various creatures to resemble mythological animals will be. An interesting claim about the game is that enemies (or animals) can approach by pretending to be friends.

It doesn’t seem surprising that mythological animals are enemies in the game, since Resident Evil Village features werewolf-like enemies. Also in Resident Evil 9 Lady Dimitrescuya It is also claimed that there may be a similar sworn enemy.

However, it should be noted that there is no verification from Capcom yet and 4chan is a public forum. These leaks may be true, but the new Resident Evil will have to wait. Resident Evil 4 Remake’in We remind you that it will be released in 2023.

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