Ray tracing gospel for Intel 14th gen Meteor Lake

Intel’s latest 13th generation Raptor Lake processor family will be unveiled in a few months. However, remarkable information began to emerge about the 14th generation Meteor Lake. Meteor Lake APU’larda ray tracing will support but Intel XMX It was claimed that he would not place his units.

All innovations available with Intel 14th generation Meteor Lake

The 14th generation Meteor Lake family, expected to be announced in 2023, will bring a lot of changes for Intel. First, from the Intel 7 node Intel 4’e a transition will be made, and also for the first time on Intel processors TSMC 3nm architecture will be found.

New information from South Korea Meteor Lake iGPU features revealed. The integrated graphics chips in the 14th generation are said to support ray tracing technology. Although it is a notable innovation for Intel, it has an RDNA2 iGPU AMD Ryzen 6000 Let’s say it’s already in the models.

New information has come from Intel's 13th generation processor family

New information has come from Intel’s 13th generation processor family

Twitter user TheGalox_ has shared new information about Intel’s 13th generation processor family.

Intel is said to have had to give up some technology to offer ray tracing support. Provides a performance boost to the Meteor Lake iGPU XMX units said no. This is natural Xe Super Sampling (XeSS) shows he will lack support.

It was also stated that some time ago Intel had difficulty getting orders from TSMC for Meteor Lake. Relying on TSMC N3 in 3nm technology, Intel may have switched to the N3E process because it slows down production. However, he did not confirm this transition.

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