Quick access to the world of NFTs from DeFacto: DeFacto X Fırat

DeFacto quickly enters the world of NFT with the character of Fırat brought to life by Uğur Gürsoy, one of the most successful cartoonists in our country. Combining fashion and technology and bringing this vision to the Web 3.0 world, DeFacto will accompany the new adventures of Fırat, who has gained a large fan base, with various surprises.

NFT step from Starbucks!  This will offer a special advantage to the customer

NFT step from Starbucks! This will offer a special advantage to the customer

Starbucks clarified its plans for NFT. The coffee giant wants to offer NFTs that provide exclusive experiences and benefits.

Defacto steps into the world of NFTs

DeFacto, which presents fashion and new trends worldwide and pioneers the sector by blending the power of technology, is preparing to bring its innovative approach to the Web 3.0 world and add value to the ecosystem with Fırat’s NFT project.

Bringing together the digital generations and leading this transformation with its innovative projects, DeFacto also includes the world of Web 3.0, which is among its long-term strategies, in its fields of activity with this project. DeFacto, which makes affordable fashion possible for its users in 93 countries and shares their happiness, is preparing to be the first in the digital world and lead the fashion preferences of this world with this new initiative.

Fırat, which realized its first collection at the end of December, consisting of 5,000 pieces, which reached a large market volume by selling all of them in a short time, managed to become one of the biggest projects in the Avalanche blockchain ecosystem, especially by reaching global fan base in the NFT world by leaving Turkey. It will be announced soon what adventure Fırat will welcome its fans with DeFacto.

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