Qualcomm W5 Gen 1 and W5+ Gen 1 Features Announced!

Qualcomm unveiled its new premium processors for smartwatches at its event today. These chips, which are much faster than their predecessors in terms of features, were introduced with the names W5 Gen 1 and W5+ Gen 1, similar to the mobile side. W stands for wearable, ie. wearable technology.

Qualcomm W5 Gen 1 and W5+ Gen 1 Features

These processors, which are the result of the agreement between Qualcomm and Samsung, originate from 4nm manufacturing technology. In terms of their features, they promise 2 times higher performance than the wear 4100 series. In addition, it is both smaller in size and supports wider connections.

Features of W5 Gen 1

Qualcomm says these chips offer more than 50 percent more battery life. In other words, 4 nm manufacturing technology reveals the difference in terms of efficiency. This could be an advantage for Galaxy Watchs, whose battery lasts only 1 day, unlike Huawei and Xiaomi.

AMD and Intel burned: Qualcomm made PC history

AMD and Intel burned: Qualcomm made PC history

When will the Qualcomm PC processor be announced? Qualcomm said they will overtake AMD and Intel. Here are the details.

These chips also contain an additional processor. The auxiliary module in the previous generation went through a 28 nm manufacturing process. The new series uses 22 nm technology. So there is progress in that area as well. This, as mentioned above, supports increasing productivity and reducing energy consumption.

When we look at the features of the W5 Gen 1 and W5+ Gen 1, we see that it supports the latest technologies such as Bluetooth 5.3 and EIS3.0. These processors are expected to be released by the end of this year. First, they will take place in OPPO smartwatches.

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