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Push for messages from Google to Apple! Will Apple offer RCS?

Recently for SMS services iPhone with Android There are communication problems between users. Google on this topic Apple began a counter-campaign. The tech giant has also signed up many organizations and social media phenoms for the campaign.

Google requires RCS for iMessage

google, iMessage certain features of the Service, Android Messages started offering RCS standards with the app. However, sending messages between iPhone and Android devices has caused problems for Google. After that, Google started pressuring Apple to use this service.

Google vs. Apple

#GetTheMessage With the campaign, Google reached agreements with many companies like ATTN to put pressure on Apple. Announced in 2008, the RCS service offers users the ability to use features used in the iMessage app, such as end-to-end encrypted messaging, sending larger attachments, and reacting to messages.

The long-awaited iMessage feature has arrived in the Google Messages app

The long-awaited iMessage feature has arrived in the Google Messages app

Reactions sent via iMessage can now be viewed in the Google Messages app for Android users.

Why doesn’t Apple use RCS?

BlackBerry, which was favored by many users in the 2000s, was popular for its own messaging app. Apple’s iMessage service, on the other hand, was one of the most important factors in favoring BlackBerry devices in the 2000s.

iMessage RCS services

At the same time RCS services Apple doesn’t consider it safe because telcos use their data centers. In addition, Google has developed its own application to provide better security in the RCS service. to Android phones It serves as a built-in messaging app.

In addition, the RCS standards, introduced in 2008, were provided by Google in 2016. However, many companies around the world, with the exception of companies located in the US, quickly adapted to this situation. In the US, T-Mobile started supporting it in May 2020, and AT&T in June 2021.

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