PlayStation 4 sales reach their highest level in years!

Game console about 10 years old PlayStation 4 New sales figures for PS4, which Sony has delayed and brought to the point of completion, until now 117.2 million units sold expressed. That means it’s the fourth best-selling console in history.

PlayStation 4 sales hit 120 million

senior analyst at research firm Nico Daniel Ahmad Sony’s latest report revealed the success of the previous console. Sony, which has sold 117.2 million PS4s since 2013, is smiling.

PlayStation 4 sales

Thanks to these figures, the PlayStation 4 is the fourth best-selling console. The Game Boy and Game Boy Color were third with 118.7 million, and the Nintendo DS family was second with 154 million. The best selling console in the world with 155 million PlayStation 2 it happened.

Sony and Microsoft quarreled over Call of Duty!

Sony and Microsoft quarreled over Call of Duty!

Will new Call of Duty games be coming to PlayStation? Sony is worried about Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision.

Although the PlayStation 4 has done great things with its sales figures, it doesn’t look like it will stay in fourth place. It currently stands at 111 million units Nintendo Switch“in the middle of its life cycle,” according to the Japanese manufacturer’s statement.

After it was announced in 2013, it managed to revolutionize the gaming world. PS4 products came to a standstill. Focusing all its efforts on the new generation PlayStation 5, Sony has not yet reached the desired numbers. last month’s report 21.7 million PlayStation 5 units It showed that it was sold.

The ongoing global semiconductor crisis around the world has had the biggest impact on Sony’s operations. Sony, which failed to produce the PS5 and could not satisfy the players, has ensured that it will solve the supply chain problems.

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