Phone update becomes mandatory in 3 years!

Smart phones Now it has become a part of our life. Especially since the pandemic, the role of smart devices has increased even more with the increasing way of working remotely. almost all our business and social activities These devices we manufacture contain a lot of personal information. That’s why smartphones and tablets keeping time It is also very important for our security.

The European Union wants at least 3 years of Android updates

works on this topic Commission of the European Unioncreated a comprehensive suite of recommendations for smart devices. Authorities from phone manufacturers to their devices at least five years of security updates ve three years of operating system updates he wants to provide.

Google has shared its September updates!

Google has shared its September updates!

Google has detailed some of the new features and improvements that are rolling out as part of this month’s update.

If this rule goes into effect Android devices This will be a big step forward. Just now Samsung and Google It promises 5 years of security updates on its phones. Even these brands do not offer this service in all their products.

Android 14 will come with support for satellite communication

On the other hand, Samsung offers for its flagship models. four major Android updates offers. For other models, the company 3 or less promises a major OS update. Google and other Android manufacturers Android update up to 3 years with customer support.

With such development, manufacturers will have more flagship phones as well in budget models It may also offer update support for a longer period of time. One of the regulations introduced phone battery performance that it doesn’t drop with the update.

EU Commission The draft regulations also presented by smartphones and tablets; battery, display, camera, charging socket and more supply of main parts reveals that it should be done for at least 5 years.

The EU wants to prevent the waste of resources

With this EU project smartphone life He plans to prevent the loss of resources by expanding it. Stressing that most users change their phones ahead of time, the authorities said that the life of their phone 2 to 5 years Plans to take an important step in environmental protection.

Europe has been introducing a lot of smartphone regulations lately. All phones with USB Type C With this latest EU draft law, which mandate to environmental pollution can take an important step against him.

on phones 3 years operating system ve 5 years security update The bill is expected to take effect within a year. So, you of the European Union What do you think about this step taken for the smartphone update? You can share your opinion with us in the comment section.

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