OpenSea also succumbed to the economic crisis: Massacre of workers in giant companies!

Fluctuations in the global economy have a strong impact on the work plans of large companies. So much so that giant companies are downsizing as a precaution. The most affected by the downsizing method are the company’s employees. Finally, OpenSea, one of the most popular NFT platforms in the world, also favors this method.

OpenSea lays off 20 percent of its workforce

The largest NFT platform OpenSea took a radical decision due to the ongoing decline in the crypto world and the global economic crisis. The company is downsizing and parting ways with some of its employees. The company’s CEO, Devin Finzer, shared the decision with OpenSea employees and made the announcement on Twitter.

How to get NFT in OpenSea?

How to get NFT in OpenSea?

While the internet world was already busy with crypto money and metaverse, NFT appeared. So how to get NFT in OpenSea?

Open Sea had about 800 workers. The company’s CEO said they would part with a 20 percent stake. Thus, more than 150 people were made redundant. Devin Finzer, while he considered the economic crisis and the crypto market decline to be responsible for this situation, shared his decision with his employees with the following sentences.

Those who have left us are intelligent, hard-working, mission-driven individuals who played an immeasurable role in bringing OpenSea and the NFT field to where we are today. We will miss them and they will forever be a part of our history and our community.

OpenSea employees

OpenSea, Tesla, Meta, Google, Amazon and others are down

Global economic uncertainty is leading to layoffs at well-known large companies. Tesla recently laid off 500 people. So much so that the company is being sued over its takedown policy.

OpenSea employees

On the other hand, Meta and Google prefer the mobbing method of layoffs. The CEOs of these companies have hinted that they are increasing their employee workforces and that they expect their employees who can’t meet the tough goals they set to leave as they wish. OpenSea, on the other hand, did not prefer this unpleasant method.

What are your views on the layoff plans of giant companies? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

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