NVIDIA RTX 4070 challenges RTX 3090!

NVIDIA has had a very productive past few years thanks to the RTX series. Especially with the software that prevents cryptocurrency mining on the RTX 30 series graphics cards, it has managed to overcome the market share problems to some extent. It is now gearing up to launch the RTX 40 series. Performance leaks for the NVIDIA RTX 4070 today made those waiting very happy.

NVIDIA RTX 4070 challenges RTX 3090!

The long-awaited RTX 40 series will hit the market next August. Of course, the RTX 4090 model is said to be introduced first, then the RTX 4080 will come in September, and the RTX 4070 will be on sale by the end of October. So they won’t all come on the same day.


But according to the leak, NVIDIA has identified the RTX 4070 graphics card as its favorite. According to the claims of some analysts who say they have achieved performance results, this device will deliver results very close to the RTX 3090.

Nvidia RTX 4000 Series Performance Stuck on RTX 3000!

Nvidia RTX 4000 Series Performance Stuck on RTX 3000!

Nvidia, which has various problems with the sales of the RTX 3000 series, is therefore delaying the introduction of RTX 4000 graphics cards.

In fact, we already expected to see such performance improvements. However, the code 70 models generally produced results close to the 80s of the previous generation. It is now said to have produced results close to 90, and in some cases even higher. So literally this year we will be able to see high Fps and image quality in 4K.

Overall, NVIDIA said that last year it was working on a new architecture called Ada Lovelace, and that this technology could offer 70 percent higher performance than its predecessor. Now the TDP values ​​of the GeForce RTX 4090 and RTX 4090Ti models that will ship with Ada Lovelace have surfaced.

According to the shared data, the power consumption of the GeForce RTX 4090 will be up to 600W. The Ti version of the same card will be able to draw up to 800W. However, the Ti model is said to use a 4-fan design in terms of cooling.


Analysts sharing the news of the leak described the AD102 and AD103 GPUs as “power-hungry monsters.” They also claim that it will offer performance that cannot be compared to the models released in recent years. Because the architecture of Ada Lovelace rests on it.

The chip, called the NVDIA Ada Lovelace AD102 GPU, is said to be used in the RTX 4090, 4090 Ti and 4080 graphics cards. The version of the RTX 4080 that will be presented by the company, which has the lowest power consumption among them, is rumored to have a 450W TDP and may come close to the RTX 4090 with the Ti model.

Some PSU manufacturers have slowly begun to release new Gen 5 power supplies that contain the connectors needed to support them, even if the boards have not yet been released. Of course, the models we’ve seen so far only have one Gen 5 connector.


Therefore, the cards that NVIDIA will release are also expected to have a 16-pin input in one unit. However, users with relatively old power supplies will still be able to use power supplies with 2×8 pin – 1×16 pin adapters.

In fact, these numbers are not surprising at all. Because NVIDIA’s investments were in that direction. 1×16 pin graphics cards in a single unit can draw up to 600W from the power supply. If there is an additional requirement, they can get up to 75W from the motherboard connections.

But that won’t be enough for the RTX 4090Ti. So we can see a second 16-pin input. This card, which claims to have 4 fans, is going to need as much power as it can find. On the other hand, third-party manufacturers such as MSI and Asus may release their own special versions.

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