NVIDIA identifies the artists who brought Istanbul to the third dimension

NVIDIA brought Istanbul into the third dimension by bringing together the digital artists of the new era in the Creative competition. As a result of the jury’s careful evaluations in the competition, 3D dioramas on the theme of Istanbul appreciated.

The finalists were invited to the live broadcast on July 24. As a result of the ratings, the artists who reached the final Buğra Bilgen, Zafer Yetik, Cihan Özaras, Doğukan Palaman, Efe Alpay, Kasım Esmersoy, Murat Göçmen, Özgün Alemdağ, Teberdar Gürbey, Teoman Şirvancı it happened.

NVIDIA RTX 40 Series Performance Results!  It will be stronger than expected

NVIDIA RTX 40 Series Performance Results! It will be stronger than expected

A Twitter user shared about the upcoming GeForce RTX 40 series. In the share, he announced the performance data of the graphics cards.

NVIDIA identifies NKREATIVE artists

The winner of the competition was Zafer Yetik, and the artist received a Zenbook Pro Duo 15 Studio Notebook with a GeForce RTX video card. Adding new values ​​to art in Turkey and around the world, NVIDIA Studio Platform provides artists, creators and 3D developers with the best performance and reliability when working with creative applications.

NVIDIA identifies NKREATIVE artists

It provides users with high performance in creative fields such as 3D, rendering, video editing, motion graphics, photography, graphic design, architectural visualization and publishing.

With NVIDIA’s industry-leading GPUs and Studio Drivers, creative applications develop and accelerate with an inspiring level of performance and capabilities.

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