Nvidia has set a date for the GTC 2022 event

Many gamers are eagerly waiting for the RTX 40 series to be unveiled by Nvidia. Nvidia has announced the date of the GTC 2022 event where it will unveil the Ada Ada Lovelace architecture that will power the RTX 40 family.

With the Arc series introduced by Intel, the competition in the graphics card market has increased. After they managed to abandon the RTX 3060 model with the Arc A770, Intel pushed the button on the flagship models. With this move by Intel, it is safe to say that the competition in the graphics card market will rise to the next level.

Nvidia has set a date for the GTC 2022 event

With the decrease in cryptocurrency mining activities and the resolution of the supply problem, the prices of video cards began to fall. According to the report published by Jon Peddie Research (JPR), the supply of graphics cards is up compared to last year. 32.2 percent increased. This situation is expected to be reflected in the RTX 40 series cards that Nvidia will introduce.

Nvidia has set a date for the GTC 2022 event

next generation architecture AD102 It says it has a model number. Smaller compute node to provide higher performance (process node) The architecture we are facing will be able to have more transistors this way.

Now let Nvidia think!  Intel Arc A770 and A750 introduced

Now let Nvidia think! Intel Arc A770 and A750 introduced

Intel Arc A770 and A750 desktop graphics cards were introduced to consumers. Here are the specs of the Intel Arc A770 and A750…

To increase competition against AMD using 7nm technology, Nvidia’s 5nm technologyIt is said that he will switch to e. Next generation graphics cards with Ada Lovelace architecture 18.432 CUDA He is among the rumors about his future with his core. RTX 3090 Given that the model has 10,496 CUDA cores, the next-generation architecture is believed to offer revolutionary features.

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang said that gamers will hear more about the architecture of the next generation of graphics cards at GTC 2022, which will be held next month. The RTX 40 series is also expected to be unveiled at the event, which will begin with the keynote on September 20.

Nvidia on the RTX 4090 model GDDR6X will use technology. The model, which is said to have 24GB of VRAM and a 384-bit data bus, will be a definite hit on performance.

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