Nothing Ear Clear Headphones (1) have been revamped!

OnePlusDeveloped by Carl Pei, co-founder of transparent design The Nothing Phone (1), which attracts attention with its feature, will be introduced soon. A lot of details about this remarkable phone have already surfaced. While the wait continues for the phone with a transparent design, Nothing transparent headphones updates the model.

Nothing Ear (1) gets a new design

introduced last year Nothing Ear looks like it will continue on its way with a new box. The new headphones are also in terms of design. to minor changes will host. It looks almost the same as the version introduced last year. new modelIt differs from its predecessor in details.

Nothing Phone (1) Price spotted on Amazon

Nothing Phone (1) Price spotted on Amazon

Developed by OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei, the Nothing Phone (1), which stands out for its transparent design, has appeared on Amazon with its price!

In the new version, in the lower part of the ear from now on there will be two points instead of one. And also “Nothing ear (1)“replace”Ear (1) Rod“We see he’s gone. While the biggest change to the headphones seems to be this one for now, the fact that the silicone ear tips aren’t visible in the resulting image confuses them.

your handset silicone tips Thus the possibility of coming without him increased. However, the angle of this image can also mislead us. if Nothing EarIf we run out of silicon, that could mean lower levels in terms of price. Just like Apple with silicone tips and active noise cancellation AirPods Prois silicone without tip AirPodsA similar policy can be followed in Nothing Ear, as it is more expensive than .

The biggest change, however, is in the headphone box looks like it will. in the previous model Square shape transparent design replaced it in the updated version rectangle leaves a derivative. With a slimmer but longer design new headphone box It will fit more easily in the pocket.

Nothing new headphones when will you present we don’t know. But the new headphones Nothing Phone with July 12 We have a very good chance of seeing it in history. So, what do you think of Nothing’s transparent headphone model? You can share your opinion with us in the comment section.

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