No OS announced! Here are the features and design

The most anticipated Android phone recently Nothing Phone (1) announced. The smartphone, which attracts attention mostly with its external design, is on the software side. Nothing OS will use the Android interface. So, what about the features and design of Nothing OS?

What does the “best of Android” Nothing OS offer?

Nothing, the new brand of OnePlus founder Carl Pei, has officially announced its first smartphone. The hardware of the Nothing Phone (1) as well as its Android interface came to the fore. Android-based Nothing OStuned to offer the best according to the specifications of the smartphone.

During the launch Carl Pei Stable and smooth interface with Nothing OS He said they want to present. The concept of simplicity is often used for Nothing OS. Accordingly, there will be no ready-made applications that other Android phone manufacturers install as advertising, and the number of pre-installed applications will be minimized.

Nothing Phone (1) will be featured today!  Features and price

Nothing Phone (1) will be featured today! Features and price

The Nothing Phone (1), which has some features and prices in the past, will be unveiled this evening.

It’s bloatware It was noted that the interface, which will not include pre-installed apps, is specifically aimed at speed and a smooth user experience. It was also stated that the hardware and software would “talk” with custom widgets, fonts, sounds and wallpapers designed by Nothing.

With the interface of Nothing, the use of third-party applications is also increasing. Carl Pei, an electric car company at startup The Tesla app set an example. According to Pei, Tesla models From the phone’s quick settings (1). will be able to control. You can unlock the doors, turn on the air conditioner, or view the car’s battery from the Quick Settings section.

In addition, interface Game mode It was noted that. It is stated that with this mode the sound and graphics will be fully synchronized and also number of in-game notifications guaranteed to be minimized.

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