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New Google Pixel 7 Launch Date Claim!

Entering the world of technology as a search engine, Google has reached a significant audience in the smartphone industry as well as in many other areas. After making a name for itself in the industry with the Pixel series, Google continues to work on the Pixel 7.

The Google Pixel 7 launch event may be pushed back to September

Google has received positive feedback from its users, especially with the Pixel 6. The company, which wants to raise the bar, continues to work on the Pixel 7 as the leaks continue to arrive. Important sources previously said that Google will launch its model on October 13. However, the latest information says that the model may appear earlier.

Google products and services add value to Turkey

Google products and services add value to Turkey

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9to5Google has made an interesting claim regarding the Pixel 7 model launch date. The source has some findings that the device is listed in the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) database. Generally, models with a very close release date appear on the FCC. So much so that the previous model of the series found its place in the database exactly one month before its launch.

Pixel 7

According to the source’s claim, the Pixel 7 will launch in September, not October 13. Of course, this is just speculation for now. On the other hand, important sources reveal some information about the model. Finally, a user named Digital Chat Station stated that Google will use ceramic in its new model and this will minimize the heating problem.

Pixel 7

The tech giant wants to leave the new Pixel series to the professionals. Foxconn, which also has a hand in Apple’s iPhone, will now roll up its sleeves for Google. The company has reached an agreement for the production of the new model. In addition, Foxconn will be behind the wheel of a foldable phone from Google.

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