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New details on the Apple Watch Extreme Sports have been released

An applesoon Watch episode 8Will demonstrate. Recent leaks suggest that the smartwatch is as well suitable for extreme sports and this will be the version that stands out for its strength. Although there is still not much information about the device, it is safe to say that the technical details have started to become clear thanks to the sources. Finally, new information has surfaced about the product, which is expected to be called Apple Watch Extreme Sports.

What will Apple Watch Extreme Sports offer users?

Bloomberg analyst Mark Gurman, shared important technical details about the upcoming Apple Watch Extreme Sports. According to Gurman, the smart watch Apple Watch of models 7 percent percent with a bigger screen the future. Also the panel 410 x 502 pixels pending clearance.

Apple Watch extreme sports

One of the reasons a smartwatch screen is large is that it gives users show more data expressed as. On the other hand, its panel will be more durable than normal models. His case follows a similar path. Because a more durable material than aluminum comes to the fore here – metal.

Apple is breaking new ground in smart watch models!

Apple is breaking new ground in smart watch models!

Apple has filed for a patent for a fingerprint sensor to be used in next-generation smartwatches.

Extreme sports conceptwill also directly affect the battery of the device. While there are no concrete details yet, it is said to come with a larger battery. Furthermore GPS, altitude and time features like This too climbing, skiing and trekking This will increase the user experience in sports such as

Apple Watch Series 8resident stated to be in temperature sensor will also be found in this model. Thus, users will be alerted by the watch if their temperature rises above normal. feature, standard thermometerbody temperature directly, as in will not read. Instead, it alerts the user when it exceeds a certain level.

Apple Watch extreme sports

Finally, Mark German has stated that the smartwatch will be unveiled towards the end of this year. He also said he won’t be too modest about pricing.

So what do you think about this? Do you think the Apple Watch Extreme Sports lives up to expectations? Don’t forget to share with us in the comments!

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